Saturday, December 5

the bible

this is our superchristian CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: the bible. god bless you!

"jonah and the whale" by isabelle:

"syndafallet" by linda:

"apocalypse" by oskar:

"the tower of babel" by linnéa:


  1. When I move to my own appartement and have some extra money I want one of your drawings in my wall. Thats for sure. I just don't know how to get one. But after maybe two years I will contact you

  2. same. when i'm rich i'll buy you stuff.

  3. babes, no need to be rich. we're cheap, real cheap. thanks a lot though!

  4. by the way, noticed that two of you live in berlin (or germany at least?). linnéa might be moving there and she will need all the friends she can get!!!

  5. Bara awesome grejer, Apocalypse är <3

  6. Okej, den där valen högst upp var typ bland de snyggare tecknade valar jag sett. VILL TYP HA DEN PÅ TRÖJA!! Höjer tummar för Isabelle.