Monday, November 9

the deaths of our pets

this week we have illustrated our childhood pets and how they eventually died. R.I.P. dear pets!
also, we are happy to have a drawing by our lovely friend hanna for this weeks theme.

hanna's poor rat "zipper" died during a trailer trip on a hot summer's day, and was buried in a trash can:

linnéa's little chicken got mashed under the wheels of a volvo kombi:

oskar's brother josef's budgie "sigge" got jammed in the door by mistake:

linda's lizard died after one year of constipation:

Sunday, November 1

lord of the rings

MORDOR!!! this weeks theme is all about the fellowship of the ring.

orcs by linnéa:

leif pagrotsky (gimli) and hardrock legolas by oskar:

namárië /elvish neon tights