Thursday, April 30


this week we wanted to show our love for the music genre "shoegaze".
for those of you who are not familiar with shoegazing, this could also be a tribute to shoes in general. or perhaps even the concept of gazing at your shoes, which is something that we like to do a lot!




Wednesday, April 22


this week we have chosen to honor our all time favourite ice man - ötzi.
haven't you ever wondered how it would have been, hanging out with ötzi? if he was a cool guy? and what was he doing up there in the mountains, anyway?
we certainly have wondered, and now we wanted some answers.
this is the modern ötzi:

"ötzi the fashion blogger" by isabelle

"ötzi, known from commercials" by linda

"ötzi the dancing queen" by oskar

"ötzi, easy to relate to" by linnéa

Tuesday, April 14


this weeks theme is rejection. most of us have probably felt rejected sometime, though hopefully not as rejected as max fischer (from "rushmore"). however, some people just won't get it. no matter how much they get rejected, they just won't give up. in a bad way.
our drawings this week illustrate these two different types of rejection.



Tuesday, April 7

drunk drawing

this weeks theme is drunk drawing. so, here's a drawing (painting) that we drew after a few bottles of wine.
for some reason we let the music of rammstein inspire us, together with tacky swedish culture and functionalistic architecture.

by linda and linnéa:

Thursday, April 2


some of us are a little slowpoke (hrm hrm!), but our next theme is on its way.
here are some posters we have been working on during the past week!