Sunday, July 26

the ocean

if there's someone out there who does not love the ocean, then please let us know. enjoy this weeks neon tights theme!

a fantastic norwegian landscape by oskar:

a lame whale by linnéa:

Wednesday, July 15


this weeks theme is simply: vagina!

"the little mermaid" by linnéa

"neontights self-proclaimed vagina-day" by oskar

Saturday, July 4

todays least cute...

as a counter reaction to all of internets adorable kitten and baby bunny pictures, every bit of cuteness has been removed from this weeks neon tights theme. remember, cuteness is not all! even the least cute person in history - the elephant man - was loved. by us.

"todays least cute piece of meat" by linda:

"todays least cute neon tights member (linda)" by linnéa: