Thursday, December 17

divina commedia

this weeks theme is a tribute to dante and his inferno. hell is always pictured as chaotic,
but dante keeps it super-organized, almost bureaucratic. thats why we like it so much!

dante's inferno by linda:

the sixth circle by isabelle:

the ninth circle by linnéa:

the fourth circle by oskar:


  1. ni är så förbannat bra! älskart!

  2. haha å, q-bert, så bra associerat.!


  3. Den första bilden är så snygg!

  4. Hey, would you mind telling me how you did the stones? I'm puzzled: it's not pencil, is it?

  5. I'm not sure it you mean the fourth cycle? If so I used Corel Painter X for everything. It's a program which tries to simulate various kinds of mediums, such as acrylics and oil paint.

    It's supposed to simulate pencils as well but as you can see it has some other effects than intended.

    Sorry for the late reply but things has been rather slow lately, thanks for stopping by!