Saturday, August 15


since we already had the vagina theme, we figured we could use some penises in the blog too. enjoy!

kukskogen by linda:

lizard&birdcock by linnéa:

ollon by oskar:

Tuesday, August 11


this week linda and i (linnéa) went to copenhagen. we managed to ignore fashion week by hiding at the overpriced cafés of nørrebro, drawing. hope you enjoy the result! og kys til vore søde læsere.

copenhagen by linnéa:

copenhagen by linda:

Tuesday, August 4


this week we have chosen to honor our earliest memory of anxiety: the needy tamagotchi. no matter how much love and care you put into that tamagotchi, it just wouldn't stop dying.
enjoy! and click the pics for details.


linda (who sadly never had a tamagotchi):