Thursday, December 24


we couldn't find any translations for "julbord" other than the silly "christmas smorgasbord",
but hopefully you get the point anyway. this weeks theme is about the traditional swedish
food around christmas. MERRY X-MAS TO YOU ALL!!!

julbord by isabelle:

julbordsmage by linda:

julgröt by oskar:

the nightmare after christmas by hanna:

puss puss /stuffed with meatballs-neontights

Thursday, December 17

divina commedia

this weeks theme is a tribute to dante and his inferno. hell is always pictured as chaotic,
but dante keeps it super-organized, almost bureaucratic. thats why we like it so much!

dante's inferno by linda:

the sixth circle by isabelle:

the ninth circle by linnéa:

the fourth circle by oskar:

Saturday, December 5

the bible

this is our superchristian CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: the bible. god bless you!

"jonah and the whale" by isabelle:

"syndafallet" by linda:

"apocalypse" by oskar:

"the tower of babel" by linnéa:

Monday, November 9

the deaths of our pets

this week we have illustrated our childhood pets and how they eventually died. R.I.P. dear pets!
also, we are happy to have a drawing by our lovely friend hanna for this weeks theme.

hanna's poor rat "zipper" died during a trailer trip on a hot summer's day, and was buried in a trash can:

linnéa's little chicken got mashed under the wheels of a volvo kombi:

oskar's brother josef's budgie "sigge" got jammed in the door by mistake:

linda's lizard died after one year of constipation:

Sunday, November 1

lord of the rings

MORDOR!!! this weeks theme is all about the fellowship of the ring.

orcs by linnéa:

leif pagrotsky (gimli) and hardrock legolas by oskar:

namárië /elvish neon tights

Sunday, October 25

drunk drawing #2

saturday night by linda and linnéa (our next theme is gonna be fabulous!!!)

Friday, October 23


this weeks theme is varufetischism (commodity fetishism). karl marx would have been proud.
marxist kisses! /neon tights


kellogspetting by linda:

my little pony + porn = lolita by linnéa:


Thursday, October 15


this weeks theme is phobia. click the pics for details!

faciesphobia (fear of faces) by linda:

chirophobia (fear of hands) by oskar:

anthophobia (fear of flowers) by linnéa:

Tuesday, September 29

lecture doodle

kiddos, never go to university! it's dead boring.

lecture doodles by linda and linnéa (we're in the same class - thank god)

Friday, September 25


this weeks theme is science fiction.

hello from alien-neon tights:

sci-fi by linnéa:

sci-fi by oskar:

ufo kisses /neon tights

Friday, September 18

one page comic

this week we tried to get into galago. we don't think it's gonna happen... but hope you like us anyway!

sex by oskar:

oldie but goldie by isabelle:

Saturday, September 12

fake posters

this week we have drawn posters for made-up events. puss puss!

"suicide poster" by linda:

"cat shower poster" by oskar:

"burn down stockholm poster" by isabelle:

"eat til you puke-buffet poster" by linnéa:

Thursday, September 3

tv series crush

we have been cheating with our weekly updates, but from now on we promise to try harder!
this weeks theme is all about our tv series crushes.

linnéa's crush, leo johnson from "twin peaks":

oskar's crush, lillebror from "riget" by lars von trier:

Saturday, August 15


since we already had the vagina theme, we figured we could use some penises in the blog too. enjoy!

kukskogen by linda:

lizard&birdcock by linnéa:

ollon by oskar:

Tuesday, August 11


this week linda and i (linnéa) went to copenhagen. we managed to ignore fashion week by hiding at the overpriced cafés of nørrebro, drawing. hope you enjoy the result! og kys til vore søde læsere.

copenhagen by linnéa:

copenhagen by linda: