Thursday, December 24


we couldn't find any translations for "julbord" other than the silly "christmas smorgasbord",
but hopefully you get the point anyway. this weeks theme is about the traditional swedish
food around christmas. MERRY X-MAS TO YOU ALL!!!

julbord by isabelle:

julbordsmage by linda:

julgröt by oskar:

the nightmare after christmas by hanna:

puss puss /stuffed with meatballs-neontights

Thursday, December 17

divina commedia

this weeks theme is a tribute to dante and his inferno. hell is always pictured as chaotic,
but dante keeps it super-organized, almost bureaucratic. thats why we like it so much!

dante's inferno by linda:

the sixth circle by isabelle:

the ninth circle by linnéa:

the fourth circle by oskar:

Saturday, December 5

the bible

this is our superchristian CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: the bible. god bless you!

"jonah and the whale" by isabelle:

"syndafallet" by linda:

"apocalypse" by oskar:

"the tower of babel" by linnéa: