Tuesday, September 29

lecture doodle

kiddos, never go to university! it's dead boring.

lecture doodles by linda and linnéa (we're in the same class - thank god)

Friday, September 25


this weeks theme is science fiction.

hello from alien-neon tights:

sci-fi by linnéa:

sci-fi by oskar:

ufo kisses /neon tights

Friday, September 18

one page comic

this week we tried to get into galago. we don't think it's gonna happen... but hope you like us anyway!

sex by oskar:

oldie but goldie by isabelle:

Saturday, September 12

fake posters

this week we have drawn posters for made-up events. puss puss!

"suicide poster" by linda:

"cat shower poster" by oskar:

"burn down stockholm poster" by isabelle:

"eat til you puke-buffet poster" by linnéa:

Thursday, September 3

tv series crush

we have been cheating with our weekly updates, but from now on we promise to try harder!
this weeks theme is all about our tv series crushes.

linnéa's crush, leo johnson from "twin peaks":

oskar's crush, lillebror from "riget" by lars von trier: