Thursday, May 28


this weeks theme is about people who wish that they were something else. many of us have probably dreamt of being like that cool guitarist from the band, or like the pretty girl on the catwalk. however, we took this dream to another level. we don't dream of being living things; we dream of being objects.

linda "i want to be a dirty bed sheet"

linnéa "i want to be a fox trap"

oskar "i want to be a chair"

Saturday, May 23


this week we give you three different kinds of bitchiness; dragking dandy-bitchiness, six annoying babies screaming on the bus-bitchiness (which is a true story!) and schizophrenic ghettogirl-bitchiness. click the pics for details!




neon tights drawing factory

LIVE UPDATE!!!!!: we are having a blogmeeting and drawing session. our next theme will be published later tonight!

Wednesday, May 13


this weeks theme is very personal. we have drawn the things that we don't like about ourselves.
linnéa does not like the fact that she rolls her eyes way too high when she's irritated, since this makes her look like the girl from "the exorcist". oskar's problem is that he always gets interrupted when he is about to say something. he opens his mouth, but he never seems to get to the point where a word actually comes out. we hope you will enjoy what we hate about ourselves!

exorcist linnéa rolling her eyes too high:

oskar opening his mouth and getting interrupted:

Sunday, May 10

greetings from neon tights!

hello from linda, linnéa and oskar! our next theme is on its way!

Tuesday, May 5

hybrid animal disco

since we've all been drowning in schoolwork during the past two weeks, we decided that we needed a theme that could cheer us up. naturally, the first things that popped into our minds were hybrid animals and disco. so here they are; the bearaboon, the dinohorse and the famous skvader!