Monday, November 9

the deaths of our pets

this week we have illustrated our childhood pets and how they eventually died. R.I.P. dear pets!
also, we are happy to have a drawing by our lovely friend hanna for this weeks theme.

hanna's poor rat "zipper" died during a trailer trip on a hot summer's day, and was buried in a trash can:

linnéa's little chicken got mashed under the wheels of a volvo kombi:

oskar's brother josef's budgie "sigge" got jammed in the door by mistake:

linda's lizard died after one year of constipation:


  1. tack sissel!

    gullis bara kul att du vill ju, du får gärna rita till nästa också (:


  2. ich liebe sie zertrümmern Vogel

  3. hi
    i like your blog
    its nice
    greetings from poland


  4. Love the drawings! Always do.
    I've featured you guys on my blog, hope you don't mind. If you do, say it in a comment on the post about your blog and I'll delete the post!
    Ok, thanks!

  5. Obviously we don't mind Reen. We're honored and are truly happy that you like this blog, it helps a lot to know that! thanks! <3

  6. I like how adorable yet disturbing this is. I once had a new pet goldfish that was swimming around in its tank with the other fishes. When it turned around I saw that one eye was missing. The next day the fish was gone.