Tuesday, March 30

verklighetens folk

this weeks theme is "verklighetens folk" (reality people).
for an explanation, see the post below!

råvara by oskar:

i have a kitchen table and realistic art, therefore i exist by linnéa:

Monday, March 22

coming up!

our upcoming theme is "verklighetens folk" ("reality people").
for those of you who are not familiar with this term, it was invented by the christian
democratic party leader göran hägglund. basically, hägglund believes that there is a
swedish cultural elite that is looking down on the "normal swedes" a.k.a. the "reality people".
but who are these "reality people"? what makes you real? am i unreal? this term is so stupid
(and fun!).

/neon tights, real people(?)

Wednesday, March 17


hello! this weeks theme is taboo.
also, we are happy to announce that our friend christopher has made a drawing for us this week.

taboo by christopher:

a guy asking out loud "is it just me who has an erection?" by oskar:

tattooing your pet and then eating it by linnéa:

Thursday, March 4


sorry! for us being so slow at updating. we blame it all on the snow, god really hates sweden.
anyway, this weeks theme is: ecstasy!