Sunday, July 18


monsters come in many shapes and forms and most of the time, they appear when you least expect it. i sure didn't expect us to update this soon, but that doesn't make us monstrous, it makes us lame. monsters on the other hand aren't lame, they're awesome.


"monsters are afraid of the devil" and "outcast" by oskar:


"mole" and "snake hand" by linnea:
"golvläggardöden" by linda:


  1. these drawings are just amazing. very inspiring

  2. me neither, but i like it (that you updated this soon)! can you tell any tips on how to be inspired, because i like drawing but most of the time i just end up drawing pretty girls in pretty dresses, and that's boring

  3. I'm not sure i'm the best one to ask, i'm constantly struggling with inspiration and the will to draw but what i try to do is to surround myself with books, with drawings that i really really like and hope that some of it's brilliance will rub off on me.

    but it's hard to break patterns, you often find yourself drawing the same thing over and over again because you're afraid to fail at something you're not used to.

    if you try out things you're not completely sure you'll succeed with, there's much to win. that's all i can think of right now.

    thanks for passing by everyone, your support is a big help!

    - oskar

  4. All of these are absolutely beautiful.